TV star reckons they're a strange couple

Britain’s Got Talent judgePiers Morgan reckons Victoria and David Beckham don’t do many interviews because of the thorny subject of Rebecca Loos.

The SpanishPA claims she had an affair with Becks while he was playing for Real Madrid in 2004.

Posh, 34, chose to ignore the allegations but it was a traumatic time.

‘Their relationship is a bit strange isn’t it?’ says Piers.

‘No one really knows what goes on there. The reason they don’t talk about it is because of what [was alleged to have] happened with Rebecca Loos. They don’t want to ever to discuss that.’

Piers reckons it’s David, 33, that calls the shots in the Beckhams’ marriage.

‘I think he’s been ruthlessly selfish about his career,’ Piers tells new!.

‘I don’t blame him – I just wish he’d be more honest about it. My sympathy is all with Victoria. She has to do all the dirty work while he works out where he can get his next pay cheque.’

Rebecca Loos

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