The Family Portrait singer announced the news on the red carpet


Pink has revealed she’ll be leaving the music industry for at least a year to focus on her family.

The Family Portrait singer has been performing her Beautiful Trauma World Tour for the last two years, and is looking to settle down.

Revealing the news at the Country Music Association Awards for 2019, she told Entertainment Tonight: “It’s time to do something else for a minute.”

Pink added that she wants to spend quality time with her two young children, Willow, eight, and Jameson, two and give her husband Carey Hart the chance to focus on his own career.


“We did two and a half years of [music], and Willow’s back in school now,” she said. “Jameson’s going to start pre-school soon. It’s kind of the year of the family. And Carey has a lot going on as well. He’s super supportive, he follows me around the world and now it’s his turn.”

Pink married Carey in January 2006 and – despite a brief split – they are still going strong, 14 years later.

The singer joked: “He deserves a trophy! It’s been a while. We used to make a big deal out of it. Now, we’re just lucky to be together.

“Isn’t marriage fun? Yeah, we fight for each other… There’s been so many [life-changing moments], I don’t even know.”

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Pink went on: “I think it was probably Carey and I’s ride this whole time. Just becoming a woman. Going from a kid, a derelict to becoming a woman and figuring out who I am and finding my village.”

Pink recently opened up about turning 40 and how her husband and kids threw her a surprise party.

She told Billboard: “40 was the first birthday I’ve had where I’ve been like, ‘F**k yeah, this is awesome! Yes! I know exactly who I am!’ And now I can just chill out a little bit.

“And then 60 is going to be like, ‘F*** that, turn it back up.’ I’m going to be on roller skates, with rollers in my hair, house plants everywhere.”