Empowering stuff from Pink


Pink delivered one of the most emotional moments of the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night by giving a moving message to her daughter about body image and acceptance.

The singer shared a heartbreaking story about six-year-old Willow when she collected the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the event in Los Angeles, in which she explained how she was shocked to hear her daughter call herself ‘ugly’.


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‘Recently I was driving my daughter to school and she said to me, out of the blue, “Mama, I’m the ugliest girl I know. I look like a boy with long hair”,’ Pink, 37, told the audience.

‘My brain went to, “Oh my God, you’re six. Where is this coming from? Who said this? Can I kick a six-year-old’s a**?”’

In response to this upsetting moment Pink decided to prove a point to her girl and went about it in a touching way.

‘I didn’t say anything,’ she explained. ‘Instead I went home and made a Powerpoint presentation for her, with androgynous rock stars and artists that live their truth.

‘That are probably made fun of every day of their life and carry on and wave their flag and inspire the rest of us.’

This included the likes of David Bowie, George Michael, Prince and Elton John but Pink says Willow’s eyes ‘glazed over’, so she then asked her daughter why she felt unattractive.

‘She said, “I look like a boy”,’ the mum-of-two revealed. ‘I said, “Well, what do you think I look like?” She said, “You’re beautiful”. I said, “Thanks – but when people make fun of me, it’s because they say I look like a boy or I’m too masculine or have too many opinions”.

‘And I said to her, “Do you see me growing my hair?” She said, “No, Mama.” I said, “Do you see me changing my body?” “No, Mama.” “Do you see me changing the way I present myself to the world?” “No, Mama.” ‘”Do you see me selling out arenas all over the world?” “Yes, Mama.’’

‘“OK! So, baby girl. We don’t change. We take the gravel and the shell and we make a pearl. And we help other people to change so they can see more kinds of beauty.”’

Pink ended her message by speaking of how artists who are their ‘true selves’ inspire her and then added a poignant final statement for Willow, who was watching in the audience with dad Carey Hart.

‘And you, my darling girl, are beautiful, and I love you,’ she said. Awww.

Fans of the singer were moved by her powerful words and she’s been inundated with messages of support on social media.

‘Thank you so much for your speech! This was a life changer for me as a mom! Forever grateful,’ one follower commented, whilst another wrote: ‘I absolutely loved what you said at the VMAs regarding your daughter. She is lucky to have you for her mom. All we can do as mothers is encourage our daughters.’

Keep up the good work, Pink.