Over 15,000 people walk across London after dark in the fight against breast cancer...


The Playtex Moonwalk – organised by breast cancer charity Walk The Walk – took place in London last week.

A huge pink palace dominated Hyde Park’s skyline as the 15,000 plus walkers gathered with their family and friends to take on the 13 or 26-mile course.

They were ready to pound across London in the dark wearing their wildest bras.

It was an emotionally charged evening as people were united by their own personal experience of breast cancer.

At one point everybody was asked to turn around to the person next to them and give them a hug and say ‘well done’.

Amongst the walkers was 2006 Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry, standing proud in her Hawaiian-themed bra.

‘Helping others is what life’s all about,’ said Michelle

Lord Alan Sugar‘s 2006 apprentice has recently launched her web-based company chiconomise.com.

‘It’s there to help women find the best deals in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food,’ she explained.

Michelle, 30, and sister Claire confessed they hadn’t really done much preparation for the event, attempting to go for a training walk they’d ‘ended up in the chippy’.

Also taking part in the marathon was English actress Emma Kennedy, leading her team The Booby Dazzlers to raise over £25,000 on Twitter alone.

They were helped by David Bowie who donated a signed CD and Come Dine With Me narrator Dave Lamb who recorded voicemail messages to sell at auction.

Emma, nicknamed ‘Clipboard’ by her team members, is writing her 6th book I Left My Tent In San Francisco.

She’s recently been a guinea pig for new breast cancer research.

‘It involved being wrapped in a warm duvet and having my tits massaged for 10 minutes and then being milked,’ revealed Emma.

The Booby Dazzlers include Lark Rise To Candleford star Claudie Blakely and presenter Sarah Cawood who confessed to scoffing pizza, Crème Egg ice cream, biscuits and cupcakes in the lead up to the walk. 

Sarah contributed to her training schedule by walking home from Sky One TV show Angela And Friends, which she appears on twice a week.

Journalist Dawn Porter, 31, who lost her mother to breast cancer at the age of six, was walking with two pals she’d hooked up with through Twitter.

Dawn explained how she and her newfound friends were planning on getting through the night,

‘I’ve stuffed my bra with chocolate and sweets, I’ve got Curlywurlys, Jelly Tots and all sorts,’ she revealed, but also reassured her friends by adding, ‘I’ve put the sweets in between two bras to avoid any awkward reaching in situations!’.

GMTV presenter Emma Crosby, 32, wearing a fluffy pink bra, trained by walking home from the GMTV studios.

Moonwalk founder Nina Barough announced that £1.6 million had been raised. And you can do your bit to help raise funds.

There are three other Walk The Walk events this year:

The MoonWalk
Edinburgh – 19 June (entries now closed)
The SunWalk Bristol – 4 July
(entries still open)
TheSunWalk Newcastle – 18 July (entries still

For information or to register visit walkthewalk.org.

Joanna Hart