Get the lowdown on Poldark's Aidan Turner's gorgeous partner

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you’ll know that the hottest new show on television right now is Poldark. Aired on BBC 1 on Sunday’s, the costume drama attracted a whopping 7 million viewers this weekend – and it’s (mostly) all down the programme’s lead star/full time heart-throb, Aidan Turner. Pause for swoon.

Although his flowing hair and broody stare may have caused hearts to flutter, it seems that the actor’s long-term girlfriend, Sarah Greene, is the only woman for him – and she’s making sure we’re all aware of it. Here are 5 things you need to know about this feisty Irish lass.

1. She’s an actress

Like her ridiculously attractive beau, Sarah was formally trained in acting and is most recognized for the role of Judith in historical television drama Vikings. She’s also an incredibly talented West End actress, playing Helen McCormick in The Cripple of Irishmaan. Not only did she star alongside Daniel Radcliffe (slightly jealous), but her performance bagged her a nomination for both a Lawrence Olivier AND Tony award. Get her!

2. She’s Irish – and gorgeous!

It’s clearly obvious why Aidan fell for the girl – she’s a stunner! With luscious brown hair and hazel eyes, the 29 year-old was born in Cork, Ireland and trained at The Gaiety School of Acting in Dublin, just like her beau! N’awwwww.

3. She’s enjoys her privacy

Sarah, who travels frequently to and from Dublin, London and New York, isn’t a fan of getting snapped by the paps or random people in public.

‘My boyfriend was on the Tube and people started taking pictures of him asleep,’ she said. ‘It’s like, “Ask for a photo if you want a photo.” Everyone is paparazzi these days.

‘I have a private life and I want that to be private,’ she added. ‘The odd time in New York you find people taking pictures of you. It’s really rude.’

We wouldn’t like it if someone caught a snap of us drooling on the train either, Sarah!

4. She clearly loves her man

We love a sassy lady, and this one isn’t afraid of telling other women to back off when it comes to Aidan. A friend of the star told The Mirror, ‘Sarah will stand no nonsense from any female who tries to get too close to Aidan – she will let them know very directly “hands off – he’s mine”.

‘Sarah is an interesting mix of small town Irish charm and fierce ambition.

‘She has the drive and ambition to reach the very top, but she doesn’t like all the nonsense that goes with it.’ You go, girl.

5. She’s destined for great things

After much success both on TV and on stage, Sarah is soon going to be seen in Sky Atlantic’s Victorian drama Penny Dreadful. There are also rumours that she’ll have a role in the X-Men spin off Dead Pool, and has also recently finished a yet-to-be-named movie alongside Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. Looks like Aidan isn’t the only one gaining recognition! Move aside Posh and Becks, there’s a new power couple in town.

Catch Poldark every Sunday at 9pm on BBC 1.

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