See what Poldark hottie Aidan Turner looks like when he's getting it on!

Ever since the BBC‘s new costume drama Poldark hit our screens, we’ve been swooning over leading man Aidan Turner A LOT. Seeing the sexy 31-year-old brooding all over Cornwall on Sunday nights has become the perfect end to the weekend but we’d really like to see even more of him…

In fact, we’ve now seen an awful lot of him after doing some research (ahem) into his past screen exploits – as we’ve only gone and found his sex face!

Yep, the hot Irish star got down and dirty on film for his role in the 2009 TV series Desperate Romantics, which followed the lives and loves of four young artists in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

Aidan‘s character Dante Gabriel Rossetti was billed as ‘darkly handsome’ and we’ll definitely second that. The show featured a lot of Victorian romping and we’re glad to see that Aidan was involved in this. Check out our pictures above to see his sex face in all its glory!

This isn’t the only time Aidan‘s stripped off for love scenes though. In 2011 he got up close and personal with Gavin & Stacey star Ruth Jones in the television movie Hattie, based on the complicated love life of Carry On actress Hattie Jacques.

He might not have played the nicest of fellas as Hattie‘s lover John Schofield but we’re sure you’ll appreciate the topless shots we found from the programme in our pictures above. You’re welcome.

In fact we think Poldark fans everywhere will appreciate these snaps of Aidan after he caused a bit of a Twitter explosion on Sunday night with his skinny-dipping antics in the period drama. Okay, so we hardly got to see anything, but the sight of his BARE BACK alone was enough to cause a frenzy.

‘Aidan Turner naked is just what I needed to cheer me up when I feel this poorly #Poldark 😍😍😍,’ one admirer Tweeted.

Another wrote: ‘Love watching Poldark because Aidan Turner. Naked. In the sea. Naked.’

So now that we’ve seen him in the buff (kind of), will Aidan‘s sex face be making an appearance on Poldark?

The man himself actually seems quite shy about bedroom scenes, having recently confessed: ‘When you’re doing love scenes, clothes tend to get discarded. You can’t really escape that, that’s got to be in the show.’

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled…

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