Recognise THIS face from Poldark?


If like us you’re glued to Sunday night’s latest bodice ripper then, like us, you might be wondering where you’ve seen Poldark’s surly servant, Prudie, before.

Well, we’ve worked it out!

Poldark’s harridan housekeeper is played by actress Beatie Edney, who was once a sexy young starlet who played Highlander Christopher Lambert’s tragic love interest Heather MacLeod.

That’s right – back in the 1980s she was hottie Heather who was our hero Jamie McLeod the Immortal’s true love.

In Poldark she plays servant Prudie and one half of a dozy double act with Phil Davies as the unfortunately named Judas Paynter – the nasty nemesis of our plucky heroine Demelza.

Beatie Edney, 52, has an impressive lineage as the daughter of the great beauty and rather fine actress Sylvia Sims, who was quite a name in the 1950s. She starred in Ice Cold in Alex – you might not recognise the film but it did feature in a rather famous Carlsberg commercial some 40 years after the film’s initial release.

More recently you might have caught Sylvia as the Queen Mum in Stephen Frears’ The Queen – the one that Helen Mirren won an Oscar for best actress for.

Back to Beatie who has been popping up on our screens for years, in everything from A Touch of Frost to New Tricks.

Happily she’s now back on on prime time Sunday night telly – filthy looking and lazy she may be but she gives Demelza a run for her money and has a few good one liners.

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