There are definitely some pitfalls to being in One Direction, eh Niall Horan?

He’s one fifth of the world’s biggest boy group EVER, so a first date is never going to be easy for One Direction‘s Niall Horan.

A new photo, which emerged online on Thursday, seems to show Niall enjoying a coffee with his rumoured new girlfriend, Melissa Whitelaw, at a café in Melbourne, Australia.

Naww. Sounds cute right? Hmm, not really…

Niall is such a global megastar that he can’t even take a girl out for a casual cuppa without a hefty bodyguard standing just centimetres away.

Well, we assume the large, overbearing male in the photo IS a security man, otherwise it could be a bit awkward.

Imagine going out to grab your skinny, decaff, extra-hot, soya latte, with a fierce-looking chap following you around!? Now imagine what it would be like having this same guy standing just a foot away whilst you’re trying to flirt your way into the arms of an attractive date.

Not. Fun.

So, we’re kinda feeling a tad sorry for Niall right now (aside from the fact he has over £11 million in the bank). What if he wants to try out a few smooth lines on Melissa?

Or maybe the table chat starts to get a little dirty. That trainer-clad man is just like the biggest mood-killer ever.

In fact, we’re pretty sure that if a date was to get really hot ‘n’ heavy, having a security guard looming over your shoulder would be the best form of contraceptive.

Not only this, but poor Melissa, 21, has already received countless death threats from One Directioners who seem to have a major problem with ANY female that the 1D lads date.

The Sydney-based student has received comments on her instagram photos such as:

‘I swear if you do something bad to niall we will kill you. I am not even kidding. Thank You,’


‘Okay I’m fine with you and NIALL dating(if you guys are) but if you break his heart, your breaking my heart and you’ll be making me cry too so choose the right path or I’ll make your regret dumping NIALL FR.’

Jeez, it’s all a bit much to be honest.

We hope that the pitfalls of Niall‘sfame don’t put an end to their supposed relationship. We reckon Niall deserves a nice gal!

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