Tom Cruise and J-Lo ask Victoria out for lunch

There’s one person missing from this snap of Hollywood’s elite – our very own A-lister, Victoria Beckham.

She’d just had lunch with new pals Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, J-Lo and her husband Marc Anthony – but had to dash off to view more swanky mansions in the Beverly Hills area,

The exclusive group dined at the trendy Cut restaurant – which specialises in steak. As the former Spice Girl’s not crazy about red meat, she no doubt opted for warm asparagus crowned with a fried egg, rather than a Japanese Kobe steak at £100 for 8oz.

Katie, 27, and Tom, 44, had masses tell everyone about their honeymoon in the Maldives – and Posh had a lot to learn about Hollywood real estate.

Earlier this year the Beckhams befriended TomKat and the couples have been bosom buddies ever since. And Posh, 32, palled up with J-Lo, 37, at Tom and Katie’s big day in Italy where they discovered a shared passion for fashion.

Let’s hope the mega rich diners left a mega big tip.

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