Victoria Beckham wants a taut tum like Ginger's

The Spice Girls are all desperate to have the best figure when they reunite for their world tour and Posh, 33, is already jealous of 35-year-old Geri Haliwell’s taut abs.

‘Victoria appears determined she will be the most talked about Spice Girl come the tour. She was even talking about spray-painting her own stomach gold,’ claims a source.

‘She feels she’ll struggle to compete with Geri’s six-pack as she’s said her own stomach has a lot of loose flesh.’

The WAG has even taken to mocking bandmate Mel B, who only gave birth four months ago, about getting in shape in time for the concerts.

‘Victoria has been joking with Mel about her legs looking less than shapely,’ adds the source. It’s safe to say Mel didn’t see the funny side.’

Now, now, girls!

Suzannah Ramsdale