Victoria Beckham can't tell her children she's left the band

Victoria Beckham has told her sons she is still in the Spice Girls.

The former pop singer, 31, has revealed her three boys – Brooklyn, seven, Romeo, four and one-year-old Cruz – believe that she’s still a member of the girl power group.

She told Radio 1: ‘I showed the kids Spice Girls: The Movie the other day, because being in Spain it’s all about football and all about daddy, and the kids said, “Mummy what did you actually do?”

‘So I put on the movie, and they loved it. Then one day I had been out to work and when I came home Romeo came running up to me and said, “Mummy, have you been working with the Spice Girls?”

‘And I couldn’t let him down, so I said, “Yeah, Mummy has been working with the Spice Girls”.

Despite her white lie, Victoria has ruled out a possible Spice Girls reunion.

‘I’m not sure if I’m up for jumping around on stage any more,’ she says.