The strain of moving to LA is taking its toll on Victoria and David Beckham...

Panicking Posh, 33, is so afraid that her marriage to David Beckham, 32, could break down that she’s already made plans to take on the US on her own.

Friends say that cracks have been appearing in their relationship for months. The couple are said to be feeling the strain and slowly drifting apart after a series of rows.

A work associate of Posh tells Now: ‘David and Victoria have rarely been pictured together in the last six months and it’s noticeable among their mutual colleagues that a rift’s been brewing for a long time.

‘He’s spending all his time in Madrid and she’s jetting between London and Los Angeles. Recently, David’s had far more freedom and has seen a lot more of his male friends.

‘Ultimately, Victoria feels they’re growing apart and want different things. So she has a plan to make it big in the States independent of her husband.

‘She hopes that her reality TV show will be a hit and that a Spice Girls reunion in the summer will raise her profile. Her sister Louise has told friends that she’s moving to LA to be near Victoria in case she and David split up.’

A spokesperson for the Beckhams declined to comment.

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