Pregnant Suzanne Shaw reveals she can't stop eating doner kebabs - and has a second bump second time around

Suzanne Shaw has revealed her burgeoning baby belly at just 10 and a half weeks pregnant – as she reveals she’s been craving doner kebab meat and chips.

In her fab new vlog on her YouTube channel, the former Hear’Say singer, who announced earlier this month she was expecting her second child, was proud to show off her early bump. She reveals she couldn’t wait until the usual 12 week stage because she is already ‘huge.’

‘The reason I decided to announce the pregnancy early is because I’m showing already, I am huge!’ reveals the singer turned actress.

‘It was obvious that I was pregnant or had just eaten all the pies because I haven’t been able to stop eating, in fact so much so the other day I asked Sam [Greenfield] my fiance to go and get me doner meat and chips, and polished that off too.’

Suzanne, who already has 10-year-old Corey with her ex Darren Day, said of the last time she was pregnant: ‘I was severely sick, throwing up the entire 9 months, but this time it’s a bit strange really because I didn’t feel pregnant at all.

‘So I went for an early scan to see if there was anything in there and sure enough there was, and thankfully – just the one. So I feel completely different which is strange, I felt a little nauseous but that is it.’

But despite her sunny disposition, Suzanne admits she turned into a ‘crazy lady’ once the hormones kicked in.

‘My hormones decided to kick in and I turned into Crazy Lady. Crying, angry, frustrated, fat, spotty, down in the dump, just feeling completely fed up with life,’ she admits.

Suzanne jokes it’s a wonder her fiancé Sam hasn’t walked out especially when she kicked off at him for forgetting to bring her ‘ginger soda’ to a lunch date with friends.

Prepare for more inciteful updates as Suzanne says she’ll be vlogging about her entire pregnancy, and adopting an alter-ego called Hormonal Hilda to take the mickey out of her mood swings.

‘When I’m feeling like it’s all getting too much and crying over nothing and eating literally my own face off in ice cream, kebab, and pies, I will be turning that into Hilda because I think half of me wants to deny it’s actually me in there doing all of this.’

So when it comes to feisty alter-egos, Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce better watch out – she has some serious competition.

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