Kim Kardashian sent out some rather bizarre messages to her Twitter followers

We’re used to Kim Kardashian sharing her whole life with us on ALL of social media. But on Tuesday night she took to Twitter to share a few of her thoughts, and it just left us a bit like: ‘Are you ok, hun?!’

From talking about feeling sick and saying how she can’t wait to hit back at people who talk rubbish about her, and inventing the erm, ‘catchy’ hashtag #JustPregnantKeeks – Take a look for yourselves….

People were getting a bit worried about her mini social media rant, and Twitter themselves even got involved!

The 34-year-old has recently revealed this week that she’s pregnant with her second child. So maybe it was just the hormones talking?

The couple already have a daughter, 13-month-old North West, but its been no secret that Kim and hubby Kanye West, have been experiencing difficulties trying to get pregnant this second time round, after trying IVF and seeing doctors. But she shut down any rumours of using a surrogate straight away, saying: ‘If I got a surrogate I would say I did! Thankfully I didn’t have 2’

While the rest of us was just watching this Twitter rant-a-thon unravel, Kim K was laughing at the fact we thought she was having a meltdown. Apparently, she was just a bit bored. Maybe try solitaire next time?

It seems like we will well and truly know if she ever has a rant. Let’s hope we never see that day to feel the wrath of Kim!

After all that, she Tweeted again saying she was bored and asking what all her 32.2 million followers were up to. Seems like Kimmy’s got a bit of time on her hands!

We don’t blame her if she’s taking it a bit easy after finally getting pregnant, after all the struggles!

At the CFDA Fashion Awards in New York this week, she seemed estastic that North West will has a sibling on the way.

‘It really has been a really long journey for us and we didn’t think it was possible. We are so, so grateful and so thankful. We’re like over the moon.’

Aw, congrats Kimmy! We might just send her a sudoku book in the post for that boredom though…

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Amy Lo