The CBB star has shared a fiery message on Twitter

Heavily pregnant Casey Batchelor has been forced to fight back after she was cruelly shamed over her weight.

The former glamour model has been enjoying her holiday in Tenerife this week as she prepares to become a mum for the first time with boyfriend Dane Goodson.

Casey Batchelor

But Casey was left fuming on Tuesday after she overheard a fellow holidaymaker say some pretty nasty comments about her body.


Taking to Twitter to vent her anger, the 33-year-old said: ‘When you over hear people say at the hotel “She’s put on some weight since CBB”….. I’m heavily pregnant you idiot, what do you expect!’

The Celebrity Big Brother star then added: ‘Some people should really think before they speak! Fat shaming a pregnant lady is a different low!’

And fans were quick to share their support, as one replied: ‘Omg some people! What is wrong with them?! You look blooming fabulous @CaseyBatchelor’.

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‘Ignore them casey your lovely… Think they might be jealous of you X’, blasted another.

While a third added: ‘You look amazing!! Ignore them xx’. Too right!

It comes after reality star Casey – who’s around 37 weeks pregnant – recently opened up about the changes to her body – especially her boobs!

‘My boobs have been the hardest, because they’re bigger now than before the breast reduction’, the mum-to-be confessed to new! magazine.

‘I’ve been told when you breastfeed they get even bigger – they’re bigger than my head now’.

I’ve been trying to get in some daily swimming whilst I’ve been away as it’s one of the best exercises you can do when pregnant 🤰🏻 I’m going to be honest ladies just walking up the stairs gets me out of breath, my fitness level is most definitely not what it use to be!!! So I decided to do a length at a time in more of the shallow end so when I stand my feet can reach the floor, then at the end of each length I’ve been doing some lovely stretches, quads, hamstrings etc. It felt so lovely stretching in the pool as your body is so light it takes the strain and heaviness off of all your joints so you can really enjoy the stretch 🧘‍♀️ and of course doing some long calming breathing whilst stretching 💛 . I also can only wear swimming costumes now, the boobs just do not fit in a bikini, spillage everywhere 🙈😂 swimming costumes are the only thing that can keep them contained 😂 #mumtobe #prenatal #namaste #yogalove #fitnessmotivation #pregnancyyoga #pregnancyfitness #holiday

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Admitting she’s also gained a considerable amount of weight through her first pregnancy, Casey added: ‘I look like a rugby player! With maternity wear, they say to buy your normal size, because they give you the extra.

‘I’d normally be a size 8 jeans but I’m a size 12 plus now! I’ve put on 3st already’.

Well, we think you look great Casey!