Former Big Brother contestant has had enough

Chanelle Hayes has given party animal Jack Tweed the elbow – for now at least.

The former Big Brother contestant first dumped Jade Goody‘s widower in June 2010, but the unlikely pair have been reconciled again and again.

Chanelle and Jack, 25, split in November 2010, got back together – briefly – in May 2011, then were reunited at the start of 2012

Now Chanelle, 24, mum to one-year-old son Blakely, has had enough after Jack texted her a picture of himself partying in Manchester with a pretty blonde.

‘Some people in this world make me sick. To think I shared my life with one of those people for nearly 3 years turns my stomach! #scumbag,Chanelle Tweeted.

‘And before that I’d wasted another 2 years with an equally scummy #scumbag 5 years of my life just gone. #stomachturning ON and UP!!!!!!!!!’

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