The former Big Brother star is also addicted to chocolate…

Ex Big Brother star Imogen Thomas may be seven months pregnant with her second child but she’s looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous.

Whoa! Where did Imogen Thomas’ baby bump come from?!


In fact, the 32-year-old model has still managed to retain her hot bod, which makes us think her pregnancy cravings must be something super healthy like apples…or celery sticks.

Erm, not quite. Speaking at Nikki Grahame’s clothing launch on Monday evening, Imogen revealed that she’s developed a real obsession with muffins.

‘Muffins for me this time- blueberry and chocolate. I crave them anyway but when you’re pregnant you crave it ten times more,’ admitted Ms Thomas, who already has two-year-old daughter Ariana Siena with boyfriend Adam Horsley.

‘At my gym there are these amazing muffins. Every time I go in there I go, ‘I’m not having one, I’m not having one,’ and then it’s just looking at me,’ said Imogen.

So how is she staying so slim if she’s munching on muffins?

‘I remember on my 8th month with Ariana, that was when I went sideways! When you’re like eight months, you just feel tired and hungry,’ explained Imogen who admitted that she has a ‘craving for chocolate every single day.’

‘My fridge is full of chocolate. Any chocolate. My daily diet is shit right now! I don’t eat before the gym, so when I come out I’m starving,’ confessed the star.

As for crazy cravings, it’s lime cordial all the way for the Miss Wales 2003 winner.

Imogen also said that she’s been allowing herself to eat a lot of bread and has even been indulging in caramel wafers, revealing that she ‘ate the whole pack’.

Well, Imogen, you’d never tell!

Although she was looking glam and gorgeous at Monday night’s event in a tight black playsuit, Imogen admitted that she loves nothing more than chucking on her comfy clothes when she gets through the front door.

‘The first thing I do when I get in the house -whether it be one o’clock or even 4pm – on go the PJs,’ laughed Imogen.

Ahh, she’s a girl after our own hearts!