Having a baby with husband Wayne hasn't changed Frankie Bridge as much as she'd thought it would

She might have been a mum for well over a year now but Frankie Bridge still doesn’t feel like a grown-up.

The Saturdays singer, 26, welcomed her son Parker with hubby Wayne Bridge in October 2013 and recently announced that she’s expecting her second child. Family life clearly suits Frankie, even though she’s surprised by how little she and Wayne have matured since having kids.

‘You think that when you become a parent you’d change,’ she explains. ‘But we don’t feel any different – I still feel too young to be a parent!

‘When we look at schools and I’m asked to meet the headmaster, I’m like: “No thanks!”‘

One thing that has developed since Parker‘s arrival is Frankie‘s relationship with former footballer Wayne, 34, who she married last summer.

‘I suppose [it has brought us closer], in the way that we now have this life and he’s a bit of both of us,’ says Frankie.

‘No matter what happens between Wayne and me, Parker will always be there and that’s a nice feeling; it bonds you.’

Frankie, who has openly discussed her battle with depression in the past, has also noticed that she feels calmer now that she’s a mother.

Parker‘s chilled me out,’ she explains. ‘I’m such a worrier and I thought I’d worry about him all the time, but I’ve mellowed.

‘Now I only ever worry if he’s unwell. It’s horrible because he can’t tell me what’s wrong with him, and nine out of 10 times there isn’t much you can do, they just have to get through it. That’s the hardest part.’

Bless! It’s lovely to hear how well Frankie has taken to motherhood – even if she does still feel too young! – and we can’t wait for the arrival of her second baby later this year.

There could be more children in the future too. Speaking before announcing her pregnancy, Frankie confessed that she’d even thought about having FOUR – blimey!

‘At first I was like, I don’t want any more than two,’ the Strictly Come Dancing star reveals. ‘But now I’m thinking three would be cute, depending on what we have next.

‘We’d have to see if the next one was a boy and how much we’d want a girl. But if we had three, we might as well have four!’

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