Actress fears for unborn baby

Halle Berry has been forced to hire security guards after being bombarded with death threats.

The actress – who’s 3 months pregnant with her first child – is reported to have received sickening letters from a stalker who has threatened to maim her and her baby.

The letters are believed to be part of a race hate campaign aimed at Halle, 41 – whose father is African American – because she is having a child with Canadian model Gabriel Aubry.

‘The letters told her “We don’t want no n***er baby”,’ a source tells the Daily Record.

‘They said she would be cut up into tiny little pieces for what she’s done.’

The threats – which were sent directly to Halle’s home in LA – are being investigated by police and the star has decided to pay for her own protection.

‘Halle does not normally use security,’ the source says, ‘but she has taken on a couple of guys to make sure nothing happens.’

Alison Adey