Helen Flanagan reckons she's having a baby boy this summer - and here's the reason why...

Awwwww! There’s never been a celebrity mum-to-be quite as excited as Helen Flanagan.

And while the ex-Coronation Street actress is currently living in a hotel with boyfriend Scott Sinclair while the couple house hunt in Birmingham where he’s playing football for Aston Villa, Helen is convinced she knows what colour can of Dulux paint she’ll be picking up from B&Q soon.

Speaking this week, Helen says, ‘I’ll do the nursery once the baby is born. I’d like to do it either blue or pink – but I’m sure it’s going to blue!’

That’s right, Helen reckons she’s having a baby boy. But Scott isn’t so sure.

‘I do talk to my baby like it’s a boy, but I’d be per the moon if I had a girl,’ Helen says. ‘As long as it’s healthy. I’m convinced it’s going to be a boy – Scott is adamant I’m having a girl!’

But there’s another spooky reason she believe’s she’ll be having a son soon.

‘I went to see a clairvoyant when I was four months and she said I was going to have a boy,’ she reveals. ‘If I’m wrong I will never believe another clairvoyant again!’


While the couple is yet to pick a boy’s baby name, they’ve got a list of girl’s names ready just in case.

Helen is expecting the baby this summer and has been embracing pregnancy yoga to stay in shape. Like many women she suffered terrible morning sickness for the first four months and explained,‘I couldn’t get out of bed some days because I was throwing up so much. At the most I’d be sick five times a day.’

But now she’s feeling fabulous and is looking forward to seeing if the clairvoyant is right!

‘I’m so, so happy. I can’t wait to have my baby,’ Helen‘s said. ‘A mum really is everything I’ve genuinely wanted to be. I think it’s the best thing you can be.’


Caroline Millington