This Morning host likes her signature shade

Holly Willoughby can’t get enough of being blonde.

The pregnant presenter admits she once had a brief spell as a brunette but doesn’t plan to change her signature long fair locks again.

I wouldn’t want to be anything but blonde now,’ says Holly, 33.

I love being blonde – it’s just me. It’s odd because my mum, dad and sister are brunettes – well, my mum is blonde now because she went grey so covers it up.

I’m the only one in my family born fair. When I was about 17, I had a black bob.

It was fun but as soon as I did it I missed being blonde.’

Holly doesn’t necessarily believe that lighter-haired girls have more fun though.

I don’t know about that,’ the This Morning host tells Hello!

I just feel better when I’m blonde. It didn’t feel like me when I was a brunette; it felt out of character.

It would be like wearing something that’s a completely different style to your own: it would feel odd.’

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