This Morning host is careful with her time

Holly Willoughby prides herself on her precise timekeeping.

The presenter – who is expecting her third child with hubby Dan Baldwin – is adept at balancing work and family life and thinks she’ll continue to manage well with the new arrival.

I’m a very good timekeeper and a bit of a control freak,’ says Holly, 33.

I’m really strict about my time and if I ever feel things are getting too much I’ll stop and pull back slightly.

I don’t think this baby will change things drastically as we have such a good system already established.’

Holly’s keen to only take up projects that she’s passionate about, meaning any time spent away from her children is more worthwhile.

I’m very lucky, I love my work – there’s no point doing it unless you love it,’ the This Morning host tells Hello!

I made a decision when I first became a mum that if I’m going to do something, especially if it means being away, it has to be something I really enjoy.

My other projects fit into my life. So yes, although there are fingers in pies, they are pies I want to eat non-stop.’

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