With their first baby due in July, pregnant star Chelsee is standing by her man

Hollyoaks star Chelsee Healey has hit back at critics who’ve slammed her relationship with convicted-criminal Jack Malloy.

In a new interview, the 28-year-old actress – who is expecting her first child with Jack in July – has stuck up for her man, despite him serving four-months of a year’s prison sentence for dangerous driving.

‘Everyone thinks Jack is a bad boy but he isn’t,’ she states. ‘He has been tarnished because of the mistakes he has made in the past but everyone makes mistakes. Jack is my best friend and we’re happy together.’


Glad to hear it Chelsee!

The pair – who didn’t plan the pregnancy- say they are stronger than ever, despite her being based in Liverpool and him in London.

‘There is no one I’d rather be in this situation with,’ Chelsee says. ‘We’ve been together nearly three years so he completely understands me. He’s living in London at the moment but he’s been there for every appointment and scan.’

But even when the baby arrives, they say that they haven’t made plans to live together.

‘I’m going to take a month off when she gives birth to go up and stay with her, ‘ car dealership worker Jack says.

‘We’ve always made the long distance work. We’re always travelling between the two places to see each other. I’m in the process of buying a new house so we’ll see what happens next,’ she adds.

Thankfully, the pair seem to have moved on from the messy split they were said to have had during the summer of 2016 – just after he got out of prison.

Chelsee found out in January that she was expecting a baby with Jack and, at the time, sources said: ‘Chelsee and Jack’s relationship over the years has hardly been the most stable in showbiz.  But she hopes having a baby together will make their bond stronger. Chelsee knows it will be tough but she believes there’s enough support around her to make it work.’


And it seems Jack is stepping up to the mark.

‘We’ve always had a really strong relationship,’ Jack told OK! ‘I feel an even deeper love for Jack now he’s the father or my baby,’ she adds.


We can’t wait to meet baby Jack-See!