Pregnant GMTV star isn't having an easy time

Kate Garraway is suffering from extreme morning sickness.

The GMTV presenter is expecting her second child with husband Derek Draper.

‘I’ve been throwing up most days,’ says Kate. ‘I’ve put a healthy amount of weight on, though, because I’m eating huge amounts of food to stave off the nausea.’

Co-presenter Ben Shephard, 34, isn’t helping the situation.

‘He pointed out that I was going to be “very sweaty” all summer, given that we’re supposed to be having the hottest one we’ve had for years,’ Kate, 41, writes in her new! diary.

‘And there was me thinking I was going to spend all summer looking curvy and glamorous in long boho dresses. Hmm, maybe not.’

Kate and Derek already have 2-year-old daughter Darcey.

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