The glossy event was not what it seemed

After being rushed to hospital with what she thought was a miscarriage last week, Kerry Katona is relieved that she’s still 6 weeks pregnant with husband Mark Croft’s second child,

‘Kerry wants the baby. She’s desperate to have a boy to complete the family,’ says Now’s well-placed source. ‘And what Kerry wants, Kerry gets.’

But we can also exclusively reveal that the couple’s wedding vow renewal ceremony earlier this month on the shores of Italy’s Lake Orta was a fiasco.

The glossy pictures of the smiling pair hid the bitter truth. As soon as they arrived for their ‘paradise’ day – just 7 months on from their original Gretna Green wedding – the whole thing turned into a horror show.

It began when Mark’s mum Marilyn refused to go to the wedding because, as one guest put it: ‘She can’t stand Kerry’.

Then Mark had an argument with their two nannies, telling Kerry, “I don’t want to see those two ever again.”’

But 27-year-old Kerry’s disastrous day is only the beginning of her woes. She’s also had fierce battles with her ex Brian McFadden’s mum Mairead, as well as her own mum Sue.

‘Kerry and Mark are a law unto themselves and think they’re above everyone,’ says Now’s source. ‘No one knows what they’ll do next – I don’t think they do. It’s terrifying.’

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