Kim Kardashian might have put on 10lbs since getting pregnant but she's not going to let that stop her going out in bra, pants and a body you do!

Wearing little else than her bra, pants and body stocking (obvs!), pregnant Kim Kardashian looked every inch the celebrity she’s been groomed to become as she stepped out at party in Cannes. But the 34-year old reality star, who’s thought to be just over three months pregnant with her much-longed for second child, a son, is secretly in turmoil as she’s already gained 10lb and now fears she’ll put on more pounds than during her first pregnancy.

While she was expecting North, now two, Kim faced cruel jibes online as she visibly gained a significant amount of weight. And she made no secret of how unhappy she was with her pregnancy body at the time.

‘I looked fat,’ she said. ‘I think God did it for a reason. He was saying: “Kim, you think you’re so hot, but look at what I can do to you.”‘

A well-placed source reveals: ‘Kim’s put on more than 10lb since getting pregnant and her bra size has gone up by two cups. She’s now a 34F ­ so none of her current bras fit. She’s ordered loads more in new sizes but she’s also having to order more underwear and Spanx.’

Kim recently spoke of her love of maternity Spanx, which explains how she’s been able to wear latex dresses with barely a hint of a baby bump.

In a recent magazine interview she revealed: ‘Sometimes I wear two pairs [of Spanx] under something, or stockings they really hold you in.’

Our source adds: ‘She’s panicking over how much weight she’s gained and wondering how the hell she’s going to handle it. Women tend to show more quickly during a second pregnancy so Kim’s suddenly become a lot bigger and it’s very noticeable. Also, the weight is going everywhere except on her tummy. Yes, she has a bit of a bump, but she’s putting weight on all

As Now recently reported, Kim’s hired trainer to the stars Tracy Anderson to keep her in shape throughout the pregnancy.

She’s also allowing her style guru husband Kanye West, 48, to choose everything she wears. Our source says: ‘Kanye’s picking out all these totally inappropriate outfits for her
­ for a few months down the line too.’

During Kim’s interview earlier this month she also opened up about what it’s really like to live in skyscraper heels and fitted outfits and’candidly revealed: ‘Sometimes I’ll wear something and I’ll get inside and be like: “Oh my God, I want to take these shoes off.” Like: “I can’t wear these. I need to just leave and take them off.” So it might look good in the picture, but then I’m like: “I’ve got to be normal and, like, unbutton my pants when I get in the car.”‘

Oh Kim, we’ve all been there…

A lesson in success, by Kim Kardashian

Lucretia Munro