She warns Sam that she won't head up the aisle with him before their baby's born.


Lily Allen has morning sickness and she’s busy shopping for buggies, launching her own vintage fashion label and organising a baby shower, so the added stress of planning a wedding would definitely be Not Fair.

However, Now can reveal the singer’s been butting heads with boyfriend Sam Cooper, 31, over his desperation to get hitched at the start of next year, before their baby’s born.

Lily‘s made it clear to Sam that she isn’t getting married ’til after the baby arrives,’ says a source close to the couple.

‘For now, she’s busy with work commitments and wouldn’t be caught dead walking down the aisle in a super-size tent.

‘There’s no issue about if they’ll get married – it’s just a matter of when.

‘But suddenly Sam‘s come over all traditional and thinks they should have a small, private ceremony before the birth.

‘He’s wanted to marry Lily for ages and is worried that once the baby’s born, they won’t get a chance to focus on a wedding.’

Lily, 25, who confirmed her pregnancy three weeks ago, is telling friends and family that she’s in no rush to get a ring on her finger.

‘She feels she’ll be with Sam for ever, so it doesn’t matter even if they were never to marry,’ says the friend.

Lily doesn’t get why so many people have started asking when she’ll get married.

‘The only thing that’s important to her is raising her child in a loving, stable environment.

‘She’ll eventually marry Sam and when they do there’ll be a big party.

‘He’s a bit upset and they’ve had some tiffs about it, but he understands.

‘That hasn’t stopped him asking her every few days if she’s changed her mind!’

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