Coronation Street couple prepare for their first baby

Lucy-Jo Hudson has revealed that hubby Alan Halsall is already bonding with their unborn baby daughter.

The couple, both 30, are expecting their first child next month and doting dad Alan has gone all-out in his preparations.

He painted the nursery, pink and white, with a butterfly rug and a pink Moses basket – and every night he puts headphones on my bump to send the baby to sleep,’ says Lucy-Jo.

It’s usually relaxing spa-type stuff. He’s downloading an album to take to the hospital for the birth too.

He’s packed his own bag ready – there’s a camera in there. And he’s nagging me to pack mine.

We’ve even practised the route to the hospital twice.’

Lucy-Jo says Coronation Street star Alan has also started doing housework and has impressed her with his cooking and cleaning abilities.

It’s nice to see he can [do it]!’ the mum-to-be tells the Daily Mirror.

He’ll be a hands-on dad. He has two weeks’ paternity leave and two weeks’ holiday booked. He’ll do everything.

This is huge for him. But although he’s read up a bit, we think our instincts will kick in and we’ll do what feels natural as parents when she arrives.

I don’t want to freak myself out with books.’

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