The Saturdays singer is expecting a baby in May

Pregnant Rochelle Wiseman has revealed that her hubby Marvin Humes is loving the changes to her body.

Rochelle is expecting her first child in May and JLS star Marv, 27, is enjoying her bigger figure.

Marvin thinks I’ve never looked sexier,’ says Rochelle, 23.

The bigger I’ve got, the more he’s loved it. I’ve got enormous boobs and a big bum. He thinks it’s so hot.’

Rochelle is pleased that her man’s getting so involved with preparing for the baby.

I don’t have a maternity book, but every night Marvin sits with A Man’s Guide To Pregnancy chuckling to himself,’ the Saturdays singer tells Fabulous Magazine.

He reads out bits like: “This week you are going to feel like this…” He carries it around with him everywhere.

It’s blue and covered with little cartoons of sperm and he absolutely loves it.

It’s been written by a man, so it’s full of things like: “Her boobs will get bigger, which is great, but you can’t touch them, which is not great. God is definitely a woman.”‘

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