Queen of controversy Katie Hopkins tells pregnant women 'you're not special'

Katie Hopkins is back to her controversial ways, and this time she’s having a go at pregnant women.

In her latest column for The Sun, the queen of mean tells her readers how ‘baby on board’ badges ‘really chip my ice’ (her words, honest).

‘They are bad enough in cars,’ she writes. ‘Yes, I can tell you’ve got kids, you dingbat. You’ve got a pink car with chocolate fingerprints all over the window.

‘For seconds, one of the little tikes is clocking the other over the head with a KFC bucket in the back seat.’

But Katie’s real anger is aimed at mums-to-be who wear the stickers, saying they are unnecessary because ‘bad maternity jeans and leaky norks’ give them away anyway.

She also tells pregnant women who wear the stickers to get over themselves.

Katie writes: ‘You don’t need a pin badge, love. You have bad maternity jeans and leaky norks.

‘If you aren’t walking like the head’s halfway down your cervix, you aren’t that pregnant, so get over yourself.’

She adds: ’You may want the world to think you are special but you are not.

‘You have managed to conceive. So can most primates. That is called biology. Not endeavour. Put your badge away.’

‘Baby on board’ stickers and pins are a common sight on public transport –  even the Duchess of Cambridge was pictured wearing one when she was pregnant with Prince George in 2013 – so it’s likely that Katie’s comments will spark a backlash.

But this isn’t the first time that Katie has said something that’s upset mums and mums-to-be everywhere. Just last month she caused controversy after saying she considered herself a ‘proper mum’ because she had a natural birth, rather than a Caesarean.

She told listeners of her LBC radio show: ‘I do feel like a proper mum because I gave birth to my children without much fuss. Ultimately birth is a physical process. It might not be that pretty… but it is just a physical process. I do think sometimes that mums just need to get on with it a bit.’

We wonder who’ll she’ll upset next? Answers on a postcard…

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