Ordinary Boys star says he's living every bloke's dream

Being wed to a bimbo like Chantelle is every boy’s fantasy, says Ordinary Boys frontman Preston

The singer, 24, who married fellow Celebrity Big Brother contestant Chantelle Houghton after a whirlwind romance said: ‘I think it’s quite cool to be married to a bimbo.

‘It’s like f*** you, all you bullies at school, I married a bimbo! It’s got to be every boy’s dream.’

But the singer dislikes being linked to other short-lived Big Brother couples such as Pete and Nikki.

‘I hate that we’re tainted with it,’ he tells The Daily Star. ‘Every example of a couple that has come out of the show has been some kind of publicity stunt.’

But the singer – who tied the knot with his Essex girl just eight months after meeting her on the show – admits they is happily loved-up, despite their hasty union.

It was ridiculously quick,’ he said. ‘But I’m very sure of my choices.’