Royal sends her £150 flowers

Prince Harry has bombarded ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy with phone calls and wooed her with flowers in a bid to get her back.

The couple are believed to have split because of 23-year-old Harry’s lack of consideration – including missing her birthday so he could watch the rugby World Cup in Paris.

But the Prince is miserable without the blonde student and is said to have sent her a £150 bouquet of flowers with the note ‘Sorry, love HRH xxx’.

‘He’s trying to organise a meet,’ an insider tells the News Of The World.

‘Chelsy wants him to cool the partying. She says she doesn’t deserve to open a paper and see him falling out of clubs or pictured with women.’

Friends of the pair say Harry’s promised to change his ways and has spoken to her several times this week in the hope of talking her round.

‘I miss her and don’t want us to split,’ Harry reportedly told a pal.

‘I’ve told her all this now and I’ve asked her to stay. But she’s no pushover and she’s still thinking it over.’

Alison Adey