He demands black walls, black candles, black candy machine…

Forget Purple Rain, music legend Prince wants his world to be black.

The singer, 49 – who kicks off his marathon run at The O2 arena tonight – is staying in London while he plays 21 shows in the capital.

During his stay, he has insisted his Dorchester Hotel penthouse is redecorated to suit his mood.

‘He wants everything to be black, from the curtains and carpets to all the furniture,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘There has been a request for black candles so the place is very calm – but obviously very very dark!

‘His entourage have even asked for a black M&Ms machine as well as an oxygen bar which will be manned by a team of foxy women.’

But it’s not all dark – Prince is obviously up for some fun.

The musician is also said to be dating identical Caribbean sisters – his backing vocalists, the exotic duo Twinz.