We reveal all about the wedding of the century

Since Prince William, 28, finally announced last week that he’d popped the question to Kate Middleton, also 28, in a tiny Kenyan hut last month, the nation has gone into matrimonial overdrive.

With over 3,000 lucky people on the preliminary guest list and crowds of over 500,000 expected to line the streets of the capital next summer, sources close to the royal couple have told Now they’re determined to try to keep things as low key and modern as possible.

‘Both of them know how the establishment works and what’s expected of them,’ reveals our regal mole, ‘but they’ve talked a lot about making it a more modern 21st-century affair.

‘They know there’ll have to be a lot of heads of state there but they’re determined to include all their friends, including William’s ex Jecca Craig and some of his celebrity mates too.’

While we’re glad we’re not the ones in charge of seating David Cameron next to P Diddy, sources close to the couple tell Now the budget – while not finalised – is set to be around £50 million.

Kate’s dress will probably end up as one of the cheaper things on the list,’ reveals our spy.

‘In addition to the huge costs involved in the actual ceremony – for things like flowers, commemorative cutlery, crockery, venue decoration, food, drink and a cake – there
are all the external costs of security, closing down roads, police checks and such.

‘There’s a lot of manpower involved in security referencing thousands of guests, although there’ll probably only be 500 for the banquet.

‘There’ll be armed guards, undercover bodyguards, snipers, you name it – all at a cost totalling around £30 million.’

How the wedding costs add up:

British designer handmade dress £25,000
Bridesmaid’s dresses £15,000
Rings, jewellery, royal heirlooms £830,000
Hair and Make-up £2,000
Suits for groom / best man/ ushers £31,000
Engagement ring PRICELESS
Flowers £220,000
10-course wedding breakfast banquet £300,000
Wedding cake £5,000
Invitations £4,000
Wedding favours £5,000
Cars for wedding party / officials £100,000
Champagne and beverages £210,000
Crockery and cutlery £275,000
Honeymoon £400,000
Honeymoon outfits: Kate £1,500, William £1,000
Staff £1.5m
Internal security £10m
External security (visible police, snipers) £30m
Initial security checks £9m

Total: £53,019,500

It really does look as though this will be the wedding of the century!

To read the full story about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, see Now magazine dated 29 November 2010 – out now!

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