Royal eager to see active duty like brother Harry

Prince William has hinted that he’d like to fight for his country.

The royal, 26, is currently training with the RAF to become a search and rescue pilot.

‘I didn’t join the forces to be mollycoddled or treated any differently,’ says Wills.

‘As far as I am concerned, in my eyes, if Harry can do it, then I can do it.

‘As a future head of the Armed Forces it’s really important you at least get the opportunity to be credible and to do the job I signed up for the best I can. That’s all I have ever wanted.’

Last year, William’s brother Prince Harry, 24, spent ten weeks fighting in Afghanistan.

He hopes to return to the war-torn country when he finishes his own pilot course n 2011. 

‘To get out to Afghanistan again would be fantastic and my best chance is to do it from a helicopter,’ Harry tells the Daily Mail. ‘I hope that I can be better than the best.’ 

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