Prince William's fiancee ensures her minders are well looked after

Chilly police officers standing guard outside Kate Middleton‘s house have nicknamed her ‘K-Tea‘ – for always ensuring they have a hot drink to warm them through.

Kate Middleton‘s Berkshire country pad has been being guarded 24/7 by police since the announcement of her engagement to Prince William.

Kate‘s home is in the middle of nowhere – and it does get very brass monkeys when you are out guarding the front gate,’ says a police insider.

this week took pity on the officers and installed a kettle for them in
the garage – along with a mini-fridge which has a fresh pint of skimmed milk
and a pint of full fat milk every day.

‘It means officers can have a brew whenever they want.’

And kind Kate, 28, who will marry Wills, also 28, on 29 April next year, also offers her minders a bit of variety.

‘There is a choice of teas and coffees and a jar of hot chocolate,’ a Thames Valley Police source tells The Sun.

‘The guys on duty have dubbed her K-Tea but are very thankful for the gesture – because it is below freezing most nights.’

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Esme Riley