Wills won't let his new wife be abused

Kate Middleton discovered the darker side of Royal life when she became the victim of vicious internet bullies who branded her ‘anorexic’, ‘ugly’ and a ‘gold-digger’.

Robert Jobson, author of William And Kate: The Love Story, says: ‘The Duchess of Cambridge, 30, is facing intolerable pressure of being in the limelight since joining the world’s most famous family.

‘And with the internet and Twitter, Kate Middleton’s facing far more abuse than even her late mother-in-law Princess Diana received.

‘Although Diana dealt with obsessive “fans”, they could be controlled. Some were warned by police if the letters overstepped the mark.

‘Prince William’s used
the law to force the paparazzi to back off and, if the abuse of his
wife continues, I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that again to send a
message to these bullies.’

Read the full story about Kate Middleton and Prince William in Now magazine dated 21 May 2012 – out now!


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