Katie Price's daughter Princess showed her acting potential when she pulled off an impersonation of her famous mum.

Not only has the youngster dressed like her mum Katie Price, she’s gone over the top with the hair and make up to get into character.

Katie Price, 41, uploaded the tongue in cheek clip to her Instagram and captioned it, “Princess so has my personality like mother like daughter we are crazy and funny.”

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In setting the scene for what appears to be a mock school scene, Princess, who’s father is Peter Andre, starts by saying, “No miss I’m not taking my make up off.”

She continues, “Oh my gosh you stink mate,” before proceeding to spray perfume over an invisible person as part of her improvisation skills.

“Go have a shower,” she can be heard saying with her face screwed up.

“What are you looking at? What are you looking at? Miss tell him to get out,” she adds.

She starts to faff with her hair and pout in a slapstick comedy kind of way, before continuing with the dialogue, “Miss I need to go to toilet, let me go toilet” she says as she chews gum before losing her cool to add, “Do you know what, I’ve got my own legs so I can walk out and I will. Terrible, terrible, absolutely terrible!”

And fans were quick to pick up on her acting abilities.

One wrote, “She would be an amazing actress,” another put, “I could just see her in EastEnders lol,” and a third added, “Little comedian in the making.”

But not everyone is a fan of her mimicking her mother.

One concerned fan wrote, “Oh princess what have you done to yourself pack that in now” and another said, “Looks ridiculous like her mother.”

Having spent her whole childhood under the spotlight, it’s only a matter of time before Princess is on screen more…watch this space…