Prince Harry and Prince William's mum adored her boys

Princess Diana’s biographer Andrew Morton believes Diana would be very concerned about Prince Harry if she were still alive.

Harry, 27, caused a scandal last week after naked pictures of him from a wild holiday in Las Vegas were released on a US website.

It’s now 15 years since the reckless royal’s mum Diana was killed in a car accident and Andrew, who’s written several books about her, has been wondering how Di would have reacted to her son’s behaviour.

‘Much as she would have hated to admit it, she would have been concerned about the direction Harry is taking,’ says Andrew, 49.

‘She would have defended him like a lioness with her cub – after all, she was photographed topless on a Spanish holiday – but would have worried he is drinking far too much.

‘She may have wondered if it is time for him to step away from the cocktail bar, if not the cocktail waitresses. Doubtless he would tell her to pour herself a drink, keep calm and keep Tweeting.’

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