Kids say the funniest things…

He might be raising the roof in Thriller Live on the West End, but don’t worry: daughter Princess is here to bring Peter Andre back down to earth.

Pete just posted a hilarious new clip of his daughter sharing her thoughts on her dad to Instagram – and judging by their response, the pop star’s fans are loving it, with more than 220,000 views and 13,000 likes in just 12 hours.

The video shows a thoughtful-looking Princess sitting in a chair and chatting with viewers, before cutting to a clip of Peter dancing around the kitchen with a wok.

‘My dad is odd,’ Princess declares. ‘I would explain my dad as odd because he’s not normal.

‘He’s just got like, some problem, y’know?’

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Cheers luv

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Peter captioned the video simply: ‘Cheers luv.’

The comments – and laughing emojis – came thick and fast. ‘Lol she’s amazing,’ wrote one user. ‘This has made my day,’ another added. ‘I’m cracked up, she’s brilliant,’ a third agreed. ‘Well at least she’s honest,’ another offered.

‘Kids say it how it is,’ one fan declared. ‘Spot on Princess, your dad is definitely odd,’ another agreed. ‘Say it how it is Princess,’ a third chuckled.

Others were quick to defend the cheeky pop star. ‘Nice odd though,’ wrote one. ‘Odd in the right way,’ another agreed. ‘Odd is good!! From one odd parent to another!’ a third declared. ‘Love it just keep being odd Pete,’ another fan added.

‘I’m like you embarrassing my kids by the things I do just enjoying life,’ a fellow parent assured him. ‘Well I love my kids… but I think they ain’t normal, so it’s not just the parents,’ another joked.

‘Odd, that’s not bad,’ another scoffed. ‘Could be worse.’

A few people just seemed to be enjoying the free show. ‘Absolutely love it, dancing with the frying pan the best,’ said one. ‘Amazing moves…’ another commented.

Last month, Princess had fans in stitches with her impression of mum Katie Price.

‘I love Princess and Junior they have a sense of humour beyond their years and are so bright and funny,’ one fan commented. ‘They have defo been brought up the right way.’

Someone give this girl her own comedy show… please?