Uh-oh! Professor Green is NOT a fan of X Factor judge Cheryl’s choice of tatts

It’s not the first time that Professor Green has unleashed his catty side, but now the Brit rapper has revealed his true feelings towards Cheryl Cole’s tattoos and they errr, aren’t too kind.

Pro Green, 30, who described The X Factor judge as ‘gorgeous’, reckons she’s made some ‘bad choices’ when it comes to body inkings: ‘Cheryl Cole has got some dreadful tattoos. Her [buttock tattoo] is done by one of my favourite tattoo artists. I just think she’s got some horrendous tattoos,’ he said.

Last year, Cheryl, 31, forked out the cost of ‘a small car’ and sat through 15 hours of intense pain for a shockingly large lower-back-and-bum etching depicting several red roses. Hmmm, we wonder what she thinks of Pro Green’s latest comments.

Our opinions are pretty divided on Cheryl’s ginormous tatt but here are 10 other inkings that defo cross the line from YAY to NAY…

Pete Doherty

Yeah, having the name of son ‘Astile’ tattooed across your neck is sweet, but did it need to be done in child-like handwriting? No. It did not.

Miley Cyrus

Top twerker Miley will never, EVER, fail to amaze/shock/scare us. In March she tweeted snaps of a sad cat tattoo, which she had inked on the INSIDE OF HER MOUTH.
Alongside her pics she posted the caption; ‘#sadkitty #f***yeahtulsa #lovemoneyparty #freakz.’
Freakz just about covers it, girl.

Amanda Seyfried

The Mean Girls star has the word ‘minge’ tattoed down her foot. Erm any particular reason Amy?

‘It’s a nickname…my nickname slag in England,’ revealed the actress. Oh. 


Tattoo or tramp stamp? We just can’t make up our mind on Tulisa’s ‘lucky you’ tattoo, etched directly above her bikini line.

Cara Delevingne

Bacon-lover Cara loves the greasy, Saturday-morning meat SO much, that she got the word ‘BACON’ inked onto her foot. The fashionista even claims that bacon is the secret to fresh-faced beauty. We.Wish.

Harry Styles

1D lad, Harry Styles, has built up quite a collection of over 50 tatts since he shot to fame with his One Direction bandmates. His worst? An etching of an iced-gem and erm, the word ‘Hi’.


She’s acquired a range of bodily inkings but her most controversial tatt was undoubtedly the small revolver she had etched below her right armpit in 2009.
Speaking about her love of tattoos, Rihanna said: ‘I am so intrigued by tattoos. It’s an entire culture, and I study it.’
We get ya girl!

Justin Bieber

At just 20 years old, Bieber sports a ton of crap tatts including a crown, an owl, a castle surrounded by crashing waves and his 2013 masterpiece: a huge eyeball, carved onto the inside of his left elbow. Staring contests just got tricky…

Mike Tyson

In 2013, boxer Mike Tyson posted a tweet revealing that he would be getting his infamous tribal face-tattoo removed, ASAP. Unfortunately he was joking.


Rapper Eve had two paw prints inked onto her chest when she was just 18. Although they might not be the classiest of tatts, Eve explained: ‘Now it’s a thing, now that’s how people recognise me.’ True say.

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