Following nearly a year of split rumours Professor Green opens up about the length him and Millie have gone to to make it work

Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh‘s recent saucy Instagram snaps may have silenced any critics of their relationship for the mean time, but Pro – real name Stephen Manderson- has admitted that his marriage to the MIC star hasn’t been without its ups and downs. He told The Sun that the pair see a therapist to help them overcome any problems, and that it works wonders for their relationship.

‘Sometimes it’s easier to understand things when they come from the person who is completely removed from the situation,’ he said. ‘[Therapy] is one of the most constructive things I do in my life.’

Both the 31-year-old rapper and Millie, 26 – who celebrate their two year wedding anniversary tomorrow – sought counselling from top psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos in a bid to sort their differences.

In his autobiography Lucky, Pro talks about one of the hardest times the couple faced – when they went tee-total on a detox holiday in Jamaica. ‘We were at each other’s throats. We thought we f***ing hated each other,

‘Then we ate normal and had a glass of wine and it was fine. It was the lack of sugar, 100 percent. I’m never doing that again.’

We’re glad to hear it, Pro!

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When Millie and Pro first got together their romance surprised a few people  – their backgrounds and lives appeared to be polar opposites, with Millie coming from a privileged background and Pro having grown up on a London estate.

But in the interview, Pro, said that if anyone’s posh, it’s actually him!

‘I make more money than Millie. If money makes you posh, then I’m posher than her!’ he told The Sun.

It is thought Pro makes at least £500k a year, while Millie is a heiress to the multi-million Mackintosh family, who invented Quality Street.

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