Princess Diana's psychic reveals what lies ahead for royal baby number two

The Royal baby is here! Congratulations Prince William and Kate Middleton on your gorgeous arrival.

One person who’s especially excited about the little girl finally being here is Sally MorganPrincess Diana‘s friend and psychic.

We asked Sally what she thinks the future holds for RB2 and what characteristics she predicts she will have, and what she told us was fascinating.

‘First of all this will be a middle child, there will be three children,’ she says. ‘There will be lots of people who have their own point of view on a middle child but here is what I see.

‘Her personality will be vocal, loving and tenacious, this child is going to never give up on anything. Be it: “I want a sweetie to I really want that position in life, I’d really like to fly a plane”, she will not give up. And she will fly helicopters and planes.

‘If you’ve got a personality like that she can ruffle feathers, so we’re looking at a child who in an institution like office, the system will be ruffled.’

Despite being thrust into the public eye from birth Sally reveals that the little girl will have a very private side.

‘She will be a winner and adventurous but have a very private side so there will be lots of people in positions of power who feel that she is an enigma, they won’t really fully know what she is like. Despite being very independent while retaining a respectability for the role she’s born into.’

And there is a certain royal who little RB will take after…

‘This child reminds me very, very much of the princess royal, very much like Anne, so although the child is going to be very open because she’s very adventurous so you’ll know what she wants, she’ll have a very private side that can get quite upset if pushed in certain areas she doesn’t want to go. Very, very like Anne.’

As for hobbies she will take after Kate’s dad, Michael with her pursuits.

‘She will have many characteristics of the maternal grandfather as well. She will love sailing, boats, water, surfing, jet skiing, all the toys to play in and on water.’

However Sally reveals that she may suffer from allergies and an illness that will inspire Kate’s charity work.

‘She will have a very long life, and be very, very healthy, but she will have allergies, and will suffer from really bad hay fever. So you’ll often see her with hankies, sneezing into a hanky or have a hanky close to hand. And if you think about it, you never see a Royal with a handkerchief really.
‘She may even be a sufferer of mild asthma. You could find the Duchess of Cambridge in about five years’ time maybe become a patron of an asthma society or something like that. And it’ll be to do with this particular child.

‘It won’t be bad, but there will be allergies. Now, obviously, the Royals have their dogs. And I’m sure in the big houses they live in, there’s always a house cat, but this child may have a problem with cats, as in allergic to them.’

Above all else, Sally believes the fourth in line to the throne is a born winner.

‘Like her brother George she’s got a really lovely disposition. All of their children will be very, very different but this second child is going to have a very high IQ. But not necessarily use it – she will use it more for fame. It’s going to be a very clever side to this child. This child’s a winner. By hook or by crook. Intelligence wise, she will be a winner. These children are being born into ‘the system’ and it owns them, but this child isn’t going to be owned by anyone. But at the same time she will totally respect the grandparents – that’s the intelligent side of the child.’

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