Coronation Street is set to get nasty

Comfies on and sofa-spot reserved as ITV soap Coronation Street is about to get REALLY gripping with villain Tracy Barlow seeking a brutal revenge on co-star Carla Connor.

Tracy, played by actress Kate Ford, has gained an extreme bad-girl reputation during her time on the show. From murdering an ex hubby, to spiking an innocent man’s drink (Roy Cropper– FYI), she’s certainly a wrong’un.

Now though, TV Psychologist Richard Reid reckons Tracy could even be compared to a well renowned murderer. Jeez…

Richard explained: ‘Tracy’s characteristics would indeed strongly fit the psychological profile of someone such as Myra Hindley.’

Woah. In case you’re unaware of who exactly Myra Hindley is, she’s a British serial killer who aided the murder and rapes of five small children between the years of 1963 and 1964.

Richard added that despite the similarities, Myra would be ‘regarded at the more extreme end of the scale’ as oppose to Ms Barlow.

Let’s take a quick flashback to some of Tracy‘s more memorable moments.

Who can forget the epic storyline back in 2006 where Tracy seeks revenge on her then-husband, Charlie Stubbs. After Charlie cheats on Tracy with various Weatherfield residents, Trace hatches a hideous plan and begins to spread lies, suggesting that Charlie is abusing her. To top it all off, Tracy then kills Charlie by hitting him twice on the head with a metal ornament.

What else? Well, she cut up shop owner Dev Alahan‘s suits and stole his credit card after a brief fling; triggered Steve McDonald‘s split to wife Karen, and even spiked poor Roy’s drink so she could win a 1p bet and sleep with the innocent café owner.

So what else can Richard tell us about Tracy Barlow?

‘Based on Tracy’s behaviour and apparent lack of remorse, she seems to strongly fit the characteristics of a high functioning sociopath,’ revealed the Stress and Anxiety Expert, who revealed to Now that a sociopath is ‘someone who has no genuine empathy for other people or felt understanding of the impact of his or her behaviour upon others.’

Sounds about right with Tracy!

Richard added: ‘Whenever Tracy does show emotion, it normally fits one of two categories; she is genuinely upset about what the outcome of an event might mean for her own wellbeing or objectives or, she uses emotion as a form of deliberate manipulation of other people in order to better facilitate her personal goals and objectives.’

Although Tracy is a fictional TV character, we find ourselves totally hooked to our screens watching her in action.

Corrie fan? Then be sure to tune in if you want to witness Tracy’s latest malicious plan which sees the street’s fancy Victoria Court flats go up in flames. Eeesh!

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