Ashleigh Butler's talented pet in agony while filming new movie

Ashleigh Butler must have been terrified when her talented pooch rolled over in pain during filming of Pudsey: The Movie at the weekend.

It was feared the 4-legged Britain’s Got Talent winner had somehow sustained internal injuries.

Pudsey just wasn’t himself last Sunday and then started writhing around in agony,’ a source tells The Sun.

‘Producers had a fit as he’s the star and the movie still has some way to go.’

So Puds was taken the vet where tests soon revealed that he’d simply eaten too many ham sandwiches! 

Pudsey launched his film at the Cannes Film Festival in May and even donned a pair of sunglasses for a glamorous photocall by the French Riviera.

I’d like to think Pudsey will have his own trailer on the film set. He will need to go in there for his little cat naps,’ said devoted owner Ashleigh, 18.

He doesn’t have any diva demands but we do always ask for him to have a fan to keep him nice and cool.’

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