Yeah we like the cast but have you seen their animals?


TOWIE has been full of love, laughs and lows over the years but through it all there’s been one constant – the cast’s amazing pets.

Since the show first aired way back in 2010 we’ve been introduced to the cast’s menagerie of animals and boy have they brought us some entertainment. In fact they’ve often ended up overshadowing their owners’ latest drama!


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With everything from cats and dogs to ponies and pigs popping up across the series, let’s take a look back at a few of our favourite creature comfort moments from TOWIE’s back catalogue.

Because there’s no doubt about it, these pets make the show purrfect (sorry, couldn’t help it)…

Amy Childs’ dog gets a facial

Remember when beauty therapist Amy was the resident pampering expert of Essex? That applied to dogs too and the red-haired star demonstrated this when she treated her pug to a doggy facial. Amy continued chatting to mates Sam Faiers and Harry Derbridge whilst this was going on but tbh we didn’t hear a word because, y’know, there was a dog having a facial and we couldn’t stop looking.

James ‘Arg’ Argent buys Lydia Bright a pig

Who could forget the moment Arg attempted to prove his love to Lydia by gifting her a micro pig named Mr Darcy? Things were all fine and dandy for the unorthodox little family at first, with Lydia even referring to the hog as their ‘baby’. Sadly things didn’t work out and not just for Lydia and Arg who later split – it turned out that Mr Darcy wasn’t a micro pig at all and had to go and live on a farm as he became too big to stay at Lydia’s.

James ‘Diags’ Bennewith has a cats-themed photoshoot

Just as weird as it sounds, this one. Diags decided to get back in girlfriend Fran Parman’s good books by posing for some snazzy photos with some cats – as you do. Fran later revealed that she had kept the pictures so it must have done the trick. Well who can resist cute kitties after all?

Pete Wicks’ dog has a date with Jess Wright’s

Long before Pete’s tumultuous romance with Megan McKenna became a leading TOWIE storyline, everyone’s favourite Essex pirate indulged in a flirtation with Jess and this involved an adorable doggy date for their pooches Ernest and Bella. It wasn’t exactly love at first sight though as Bella seemed to kick off a bit – awkward.

Bobby Norris holds a funeral for Beau

Bit of a sad one this. Poor Bobby was devastated when his beloved two-year-old dog Beau died after he was mauled by a larger dog in a park and so he decided to give him a sendoff on the show. Viewers watched the reality star give the pup an official burial with friends including Chloe Sims joining him for support. It made for heartbreaking watching, with one fan Tweeting: ‘Towie has got me in major tears over bobby’s dog’

HONARARY MENTION – Gemma Collins and Tony the Pony

Okay, so this didn’t actually happen on TOWIE but we can’t not pay tribute to the moment Gemma ran along with Tony the Pony in the Celebrity Big Brother house.