Former lingerie model loves her curvier figure

Rachel Hunter has recently been photographed with a much fuller figure than she’s ever had before – but she loves her newfound curves.

The former model – who was previously a spokeswoman for Slim Fast – is now a healthy size 12.

‘Rachel has given up dieting for good,’ a friend says. ‘For 20 years she starved herself and exercised excessively. But it made her miserable.

‘As Rachel started to gain weight her mood and self-esteem improved.’

And her toyboy boyfriend – hockey player Jarret Stoll, 25 – is also a fan of her weight gain.

‘He thinks Rachel is gorgeous just the way she is,’ the pal adds. ‘He’s begged her not to lose a pound.’

Rachel, 38, has 2 children – Renee, 15, and Liam, 13 – with ex husband Rod Stewart, 62. 


Alison Adey