Supermodel's not-so-average upbringing...

Rachel Hunter has told how her mother jumped between religions when she was growing up, even trying out white witchcraft.

‘Oh yeah,’ laughs Rachel, ‘she was a born-again Christian, a Presbytarian, a Buddhist, and then got in to white witchcraft.

‘When I was 13, she baptised me in a bikini in front of a thousand people. I just about died.

‘Then we went over to the Mormon church because my mum thought it was a very family-oriented religion.’

Rachel thinks the best ‘religion’ for kids is actually good old-fashioned communication.

‘My dad took me and my sister camping,’ she tells the Daily Mail Weekend. ‘We used to sit and talk about things forever.

‘That connection is amazing and that’s the best thing I can do with my children. Let them talk and listen.’