Scott Mills - who is in a long-term relationship - has reportedly laughed it off

Radio 1’s Scott Mills has been caught up in an affairs website scandal after his email address was reportedly amongst those on a leaked list of users.

Data taken from Ashley Madison – a dating site that specialises in hooking up married people who want to have a fling – was apparently published this week after hackers stole the information last month and Scott’s email is said to be amongst those listed.

The 41-year-old DJ has laughed off the report, according to The Sun, and insists that his address was used without his consent. Setting up an account on the site doesn’t require email verification so this is possible.

Scott is in a long-term relationship with boyfriend Brad and finds it ‘hilarious’ that his email is on the database. He’s said to have assumed that a listener to his show had signed him up.

Just a few months ago Scott revealed how he’d like to marry retail manager Brad, who he’s been with for three years, and hopes to have an elaborate ceremony.

‘I want to do it and get married, yeah,’ he told the Daily Star. ‘I think I’d like a massive camp wedding and then a big magazine deal.’

Scott was less certain about having a family though, admitting: ‘I’m not sure about kids.

‘I think just marriage for now. I can’t imagine having children really. I don’t think it would be fair because I’m so all over the place all the time.

‘This week I’ve been out to Vienna and now back to Norwich alone so I don’t think that would be fair on kids. But actually maybe one day.’

Scott does have a pretty busy schedule. As well as hosting his popular afternoon show on BBC Radio 1 he’s also dabbled in TV and last year appeared on Strictly Come Dancing.

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