Fuelled by paranoia that her arch rival is after her man, Ange finally lashes out at Jennifer Aniston...

A furious Angelina Jolie has launched a tirade against love rival Jennifer Aniston.

The under-siege actress – who’s facing up to a messy split with Brad Pitt – has lashed out at his ex-wife, claiming she’s painted her as a ‘witch’ and turned people against her.

Angelina‘s friends spoke out as they revealed she’s received an avalanche of hate mail and threats since news broke that she’s on the verge of breaking up with Brad, her partner of five years.

Now her pals fear she’s cracking under the strain of it all and she’s asking: ‘Why does everyone hate me?’

A source tells Now: ‘It’s horrible what’s happening to Ange and she doesn’t understand what she’s done to deserve it. All she does with her life is to try to help people.

‘There’s no doubt in her mind that Jen‘s behind this. Obviously, she’s never forgiven Ange for being with Brad and has been out to get her since.Jennifer Aniston | Celebrity Spy | Now Magazine | Celebrity News

‘I’m not kidding, the gloves are off now when it comes to that woman.

‘She’s been nothing but a menace ever since Ange got together with Brad. But Ange just isn’t  going to stand for it any more – she’s fighting back.’

As Now first revealed a month ago, Brad and Angelina‘s relationship is all but over following a series of blistering rows during the Christmas holidays.

The Inglourious Basterds star, 46, has been deciding when best to call it quits, sending Angelina, 34, into a deep depression.

Compounding her misery and aside from the mountains of hate mail in recent weeks, the actress has also received menacing threats from angry Jen fans.

Angelina‘s taking it so seriously she’s doubled security at her LA home and upped the number of bodyguards who accompany her when she travels.

The source adds: ‘She’s living in fear. It’s pretty clear what’s turned the fans against her. 
Jen has fought a clever PR campaign for the last five years, although there’s no suggestion Jen‘s behind the hate mail.

Angelina‘s tried to turn a blind eye, but it’s backfired. Now it seems people will do anything to get her out of the way.

Angelina says she feels like she’s become Jen. Suddenly, it’s her who’s the boring  wife-figure, who’s trying to dominate Brad; suddenly it’s her who’s ruining his life.

‘She used to be the fun, seductive one no man could resist. But because Brad‘s so laid-back and a guy’s guy, she’s had to step into the role of being the mature partner.

‘She’s spoken out against his drinking – what’s wrong with that? She can’t believe how things have turned.’

Angelina did win a small reprieve when Brad agreed to accompany her to the Directors Guild of America Awards last week, apparently giving in to her demands that they dampen speculation about an impending split by putting on a united front.

But the actor still refused to be photographed alongside her.

One of Brad‘s friends says: ‘He hates those manicured photo opportunities. He thinks it’s crap. He isn’t into putting on a show for the cameras.

But he’s agreed to keep up the charade for a few more months at least. He doesn’t want a messy split and is doing his best to keep the peace.’

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